Thursday, September 22, 2016

Love Is The Answer... I would like to share my healing journey through a series of posts that I hope to be inspiring and helpful to anyone you may know on a cancer journey.  Through the years of dealing with this disease and being exposed to others going through this I can say that Cancer is different for everyone.  Over the almost 6 years of this journey, working to de-stress, engage in prayer and my connection to God and faith, many treatments, diets, multiple surgeries, therapies, products, different kinds of doctors, naturopaths, healers, coaches and mentors I have good news. After a lot of attempts to rid myself of cancer and my choices running out and it spreading to different parts of my body I started going to the Cancer Treatment Center near Chicago.  In Nov. of 2015 I began drug targeted therapy and then chemo since February. It took some trial and error but after 5 treatments of chemo (which I was something I was avoiding because of the toxins used) I am on my way to remission!! It is interesting after the first of these five treatments I also simultaneously connected to the cancer in a way I had not done before.  In meditation I talked to the cancer as my dearly beloved and asked "what do you need from me"? An intelligent voice answered (to my surprise) sharing a need for the body to have more rest. I replied to the voice that I am a busy person and don't know how to do that. The voice replied, "you can rest while in the mist of activity." I have been working with this a best I can and to have a deeper connection to flowing through my day with more self care. If I am thirsty-drink, hungry-eat, tired-rest, periodic sun bathing even for a minute, deep breathing, stretching, forgiving myself even if I am blamed or make mistakes, walking, riding my bike, being in nature, reaching out for support and even smiling for no reason and more.  While in this communication and asking what the cancer cells needed I had an image of rolling down my hill in the backyard as a young child, having fun fairs and feeling close to the earth. I am an adult now and working a lot but remembering to play and nurture myself feels like a crucial part towards my healing.  In my next posts since "Fun & Play" needs to me my middle name I would like to share in a "Fun, Playful Way" some of the supportive and healing things I incorporated into my journey through this.  I am sitting in a coffee shop at the hotel I stay in at the Cancer Treatment Center and on the wall is a picture across from me which says "Love is Always the Answer."  For me self-love is the challenge and the answer which will lead me to loving all of life and the source of life itself!  

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Cancer-The Wake-Up Call

In March of 2012 I was diagnosed with breast cancer and began my own healing journey. After learning a lot about 
self-care, health and wellness I wanted to share what I have learned to other women who were also going through a similar experience.

For me I know that Cancer may have shown up because of a multitude of reasons but I believe stress was a big factor.  I was unhappy about traveling for work all year, chronically ill, not eating very well, overweight and too afraid to let go of my income from traveling out of state for work.  When the doctor said to me “you have cancer” it was a wake-up call which has lead me to create a new vision for myself and build a new life.  I now feel 100 percent committed to my personal wellness while I create a business in Michigan which brings together all my gifts and passions to help others in a new way.

Lately my biggest why in life is to share how good it feels to be healthy and when in doubt to follow your heart.  I want to encourage women to opt-in after a cancer diagnosis, not as a victim, but as a warrior and not just waiting for the next shoe to drop. We can do so much to help ourselves feel better even when we have something like cancer.  It it's not easy to make a shift from feeling powerlessness towards personal empowerment but the benefits out way the work it takes to be thrivers not just survivors.